Rebecca A.

Ann listens. She understands the market and has deep knowledge of the Oregon Coast. She is outcome-focused and does what it takes to get things done. Wonderful experience!

Traci W.

I've known Ann Samuelson for six years and hired her to sell my business and home at the coast and have recommended her with great success to multiple other people. She is a creative problem solver, and professional and understands the market. At the coast, we get a lot of out-of-town visitors wanting us to "drop everything" while they are visiting. Ann walked a fine balance between respectfully getting all potential buyers' information, while not being disruptive of my business, employees, and customers. I've seen her be exceedingly gracious in putting together complicated deals. I've also worked alongside her in community fundraising and some other projects, where she is generous and frankly fun to work with. She gets things done!

Lauren R.

I referred my grandparents to Rise Above Realty knowing their impeccable performance and reputation on the coast. They went above and beyond my expectations in preparing my grandparent's house for sale and took care of each special detail that raised the value substantially to attain the highest offer. Phenomenal communication, friendly and professional, and handled my grandparents with care. As a business owner, Rise Above Realty is the best, bar none.

Historian House

As an instructor at CCC on Historic Preservation, I approached Ann Samuelson with my offer to explain the intricacies of Historic homes that would make great selling points. She was terrific, studied all the significant architectural features, understood the nuances, and noticed the slight issues to bring to the client solutions to keep a historic home delightful. I loved her dedication and observed her emotional response to the conditions of some of the unusual features like Lincrusta, double glassed doors in a hall, and hidden tell-tale signs of past lives in these old homes. Ann Samuelson knows her stuff and those of us in the profession of Preservation and Restoration are satisfied that her skill meets our criteria.

From Initial Inquiry to Closing Day & Beyond

Rise Above Realty is dedicated to offering personalized guidance tailored to your unique situation. We believe in building lasting relationships through open, honest communication. Connect with us to learn how we can help you achieve your goals with confidence and ease.

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